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these are links to homepages of people or groups of people that are very important to me:

is a very good "punk/rock" band, even though this description doesn't do justice to them at all :-)

Buckethead runs the greatest theme park in the world. Enjoy the ride!
Bingeandgrab.com as well as
Bingebuddies.com are two very good pages dedicated to that masked guitar hero.
Buckethead.tk is my first choice for a forum on Buckethead... including virtually everything. Go and see!

Guns N' Roses is sure enough my all-time favourite band, though their official page sucks. You'll rather wanna visit
MyGnR.com for all kinds of stuff on GnR,
heretodaygonetohell.com for the most complete news section about all kinds of GnR related issues, and
NewGnR.com for the new incarnation(s) only.

Stephen King you'll surely have heard of, and most likely have even read some of his stories... go and visit his web site also. Very interesting.
William Gibson has in a very short time become my favorite Science-Fiction author. If you ever wondered who kind of invented the term "cyberspace"...

and last but not least, the Juze Denzlingen is my second coop... you'll prolly meet me there :)

more coming up, don't know if soon is the word, but...
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